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Rachel Sandalow-Ash

National Organizer

Rachel co-founded Open Hillel as a sophomore at Harvard in November 2012. She served as Internal Coordinator (student president) of Open Hillel in 2014; that same year, she was named to the Jewish Daily Forward’s list of 50 American Jews “who have had the most impact on our national story” for her leadership in the campaign. After graduating from Harvard with an A.B. in Social Studies in 2015, Rachel began working as a full-time organizer for Open Hillel, supported by a fellowship from the Phillips Brooks House Association. She is excited to begin her second year working to support Open Hillel’s incredible student and young alumni leaders.

Rachel grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts. In college, she organized with the Progressive Jewish Alliance and Student Labor Action Movement on campus; taught civics to middle school students; and interned for the New Israel Fund and the Service Employees International Union. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the American Jewish Peace Archive and enjoys travel, practicing Yiddish, and learning new things, such as how to use a fax machine.

Rachel is currently based in New York; she can be reached at



Elana Metz

National Organizer

Elana Metz began at Open Hillel as a student in 2015, organizing as a senior at the University of Delaware. She served as Campus Outreach Coordinator in the Spring of 2016, organizing the Student Workshop and recruiting and mentoring new students. She is deeply inspired by Open Hillel's vision and values, and is excited to join the staff. 

Elana grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, where she attended Jewish Day School at Albert Einstein Academy. She attended and worked as a counselor and unit leader at Jewish summer camp for 11 years. As an undergrad at the University of Delaware, she served as a campus Hillel intern, helping to organize a spring break service trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Elana studied abroad in Tunis, Tunisia, where she conducted research on the effects of the 2010 Revolution on the Tunisian Jewish community and other minorities. In the summer of 2016, she received a Critical Language Scholarship from the State Department to study Arabic in Jordan. Elana graduated from the University of Delaware in 2015 with an Honors Degree in International Relations. When not working on Open Hillel, Elana enjoys reading, hiking, traveling and learning languages.

Elana is currently based in New York; she can be reached at