The Open Hillel Rabbinical Council consists of rabbis, cantors, and rabbinical students who are dedicated to pluralism and an open Jewish community, inclusive of all Jews: religious Zionists, progressive Zionists, secular Zionists, non-Zionists, anti-Zionists, and more.

All of the members signed the following statement:

“As a rabbi, cantor, rabbinical student, or cantorial student, I support Open Hillel's efforts to restore the value of makhloket leshem shamayim --- argument for the sake of heaven -- to Jewish communities on campus and beyond. Hillel International's Standards of Partnership narrowly circumscribe discourse about Israel-Palestine and only serve to foster estrangement from the organized Jewish community. Regardless of my own political beliefs, as a member of the clergy and Jewish communal leader, I believe that Jewish communities are strengthened when we welcome individuals of all views and encourage vibrant discussion and debate. Therefore, I support and endorse the Open Hillel campaign as well as similar initiatives to 'Open' the centers of Jewish life where these debates are taking place. By joining Open Hillel's rabbinical council, I affirm my commitment to supporting open discourse in Hillel and bringing the values of open discourse to life in my own Jewish community." 


  1. Rabbi Leora Abelson
  2. Rabbi Susan Averbach
  3. Rabbi Rachel Barenblat
  4. Rabbi David Basior
  5. Rabbi Joseph Berman
  6. Rabbi Phyllis Berman
  7. Rabbi Rachael Bregman
  8. Rabbi Caryn Broitman
  9. Rabbi Shahar Colt 
  10. Rabbi David Cooper
  11. Rabbi Meryl Crean
  12. Rabbi and Cantor Michael Davis
  13. Rabbi Laurence Edwards
  14. Rabbi Bruce Elder
  15. Rabbi Jeffrey Falick
  16. Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer
  17. Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari
  18. Rabbi Zach Fredman
  19. Rabbi Jonathan Freirich
  20. Rabbi John Friedman
  21. Rabbi Shoshana Friedman
  22. Rabbi Roy Furman
  23. Rabbi Shai Gluskin
  24. Rabbi Borukh Goldberg
  25. Rabbi Douglass Goldhamer
  26. Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein
  27. Rabbi Maralee Gordon
  28. Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
  29. Rabbi Lauren Grabelle-Herman
  30. Rabbi Suzanne Griffel
  31. Rabbi Linda Holtzman
  32. Rabbi Burt Jacobson
  33. Rabbi Marisa Elana James
  34. Rabbi Edward J. Klein
  35. Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum 
  36. Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
  37. Rabbi Michael Lerner
  38. Rabbi David Levin
  39. Rabbi Richard Levy
  40. Rabbi Rebecca Lillian
  41. Rabbi Ellen Lippmann
  42. Rabbi Shaul Magid
  43. Rabbi Nina Mandel
  44. Rabbi Steve P. Nathan
  45. Rabbi Dev Noily
  46. Rabbi Moti Rieber
  47. Rabbi Brant Rosen
  48. Rabbi Gila Colman Ruskin
  49. Rabbi Gerald Serotta
  50. Rabbi Isaac Serotta
  51. Rabbi Drorah Setel 
  52. Rabbi Jeremy Daniel Sher 
  53. Rabbi Becky Silverstein
  54. Rabbi Marc Soloway
  55. Rabbi Alana Suskin
  56. Rabbi Barbara Shulamit Thiede
  57. Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman
  58. Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev
  59. Rabbi Arthur Waskow
  60. Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg
  61. Rabbi Joey Wolf
  62. Rabbi Debra Apt Zanerhaft
  63. Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman
  64. Cantor Jan Mahler
  65. Cantor Scott Simon
  66. Rabbinical Student Trisha Arlin
  67. Rabbinical Student Sarah Barasch-Hagans
  68. Rabbinical Student Mónica Gomery
  69. Rabbinical Student David N. Goodman 
  70. Rabbinical Student Miriam Levia Grossman
  71. Rabbinical Student Kelly Kossar
  72. Rabbinical Student Bryan Mann
  73. Rabbinical Student Sarah Noyovitz
  74. Rabbinical Student Salem Pearce
  75. Rabbinical Student Mackenzie Tzvia Reynolds
  76. Rabbinical Student Jessica Rosenberg
  77. Rabbinical Student Ariel Tarash
  78. Rabbinical Student Lauren Tuchman

If you are a rabbi, cantor, or rabbinical/cantorial student who would like to add your name to this list; or if you have any questions about joining, please email