Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, has chapters and affiliates on university campuses across the US and abroad. Hillel International currently publishes "Guidelines for Campus Israel Activities" which declare, "Hillel will not partner with, house, or host organizations, groups, or speakers that as a matter of policy or practice: Deny the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish and democratic state with secure and recognized borders; Delegitimize, demonize, or apply a double standard to Israel; Support boycott of, divestment from, or sanctions against the State of Israel; Exhibit a pattern of disruptive behavior towards campus events or guest speakers or foster an atmosphere of incivility."

These guidelines are counterproductive to creating real conversations about Israel on campus. They prevent campus Hillels from inviting co-sponsorship or dialogue with Palestinians, as almost all Palestinian campus groups support the boycott of, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel. They also exclude certain Jewish groups because of their political views. Although individual campus Hillels are not obligated to follow the guidelines, they have been used to pressure Hillels into shutting down open discourse on Israel. For example, these rules led Harvard Hillel to exclude an event co-sponsored by the Hillel-affiliated group Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance and the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee from the Harvard Hillel building. At Brandeis, these rules were used to deny Hillel affiliation to the student group Brandeis Jewish Voice for Peace. This petition seeks to change this policy in order to allow Hillels to be more inclusive and to encourage free discourse.


As members of the Hillel community, Jewish students, and alums, we believe that campus Hillels should acknowledge and engage with a full spectrum of political views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We see cooperation with Palestinian groups on and off campus as an essential step towards peace. Furthermore, if Hillel truly wants to be "The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life," it cannot exclude Jewish groups simply for their political beliefs.

Therefore, we ask Hillel International to remove its guidelines for Standards of Partnership for campus Israel activities, which currently exclude groups and individuals with particular political views from campus Hillels.

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Number Name School
1553Arielle ZiontsPitzer College
1552Melissa TierSwarthmore College
1551Joel RosenbergTufts University
1550Kay Elfantpenn state alum
1549Paul GlazeUniversity of North Georgia
1548Zachary KauffmanMcGill University
1547Daniel KesslerVassar College
1546AnonymousUniversity of Michigan
1545Elizabeth BullAntioch College
1544AnonymousBrock University
1543Jodi WhiteUniversity of Houston
1542Denni LiebowitzCase Western Reserve University, University of Chicago
1541Alanna KleinmanLewis and Clark College
1540Julia KatzRutgers University
1539Bo JacksonAuburn
1538Mike S GoodmannUW
1537Lloyd WolfTrinity College (Hartford CT)
1536Mi GoldsteinPenn
1535Rebecca BrennerMount Holyoke College
1534Evan GoldsteinBoston College
1533Nicky McCattyBrown
1532AnonymousCalifornia College of the Arts
1531Janice KellyThe College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio
1530Adam Koren-RothWarren Wilson College
1529Yom ShamashNone
1528Emily KulasaN/A
1527Bernie CarboNortheastern
1526Shannon CunninghamUniversity of Texas at Austin
1525May YeWestern Michigan University
1524Warren MontagOccidental College
1523Daniel KleinUniversity of Chicago
1522Radi ShafieUC Riverside
1521Katie Corwin American University
1520Josephine CoffeyMarquette University
1519Diane Amesnone
1518Nicole CzarneckiUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
1517Elana DykewomonSFSU
1516Janet Jonesnone
1515Marina Gutierreznone at the moment.
1514Bay Area Women in BlackNone
1513Caldwell JonesAlbany State
1512Orlando CepdedaUSF
1511Dennis KortheuerCSULB
1510Jozef BiceranoHarvard GSAS alum
1508David OfsevitMIT
1507James AdlerHarvard Divinity School alum
1506Leah SchulzBates College
1505Edward GoldsteinSupporter
1504Rabbi David MivasairUniversity of Maryland
1503Robb MandelbaumBrandeis
1502Minnie MinosoBall State
1501Heather GrahamYeshiva U.
1500Noel CowardOxford
1499Abu AhmedNYU-Abu Dhabi
1498Buzz BissingerPenn
1497Darryl ZanuckUCSC
1496Niloofar Shambayatiuniversity of Illinois
1495Daniel MailBrandeis
1494Rocky ColavitoBuckeye State
1493Carol Tova NewmanCornell University
1492Ned Roschsupporter
1491Dan LaraTemple University
1490Abigail WeberPomona College
1489Mark Lickerman DePaul Chicago
1488Marvin EngelCCNY
1487Steven IsaacsonClark University
1486Ariel LevinHaverford college
1485Steven OstrowM.I.T.
1484Everett GendlerEmeritus, Phillips Academy, Andover
1483Richard FineMedical
1482Jeanette TaylorBoston University
1481arturo giraldezUniversity of the Pacific
1480Peter ThackerUniversity of Portland
1479Marguerite RosenthalSalem State University
1478William SimondsUniversity of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine
1477Amy PettCUNY Graduate Center
1476Elizabeth ZoobBoston University SSW
1475Trudy ZimmermanBoston University
1474Hilda WelchPortland State University
1473Jennifer GilbertBoston University
1472Jean RabovskyBrandeis University/Alum
1471Beth HirschfieldPortland State University
1470AnonymousVassar College
1469Anna RogersGolden Gate Univ., SF, CA
1468Kaya Stern-KaufmanKaya Stern-Kaufman
1467AnonymousBoston University
1466Alan MeyersBoston University
1465Ken SchulmanBoston University
1464Joan LevineBrandies University
1463Marge Sussmannone
1462Miriam BeininUniversity of Michigan
1461Victor VuongBoston University
1460Lenny LaponSchool of Jewish Anti-Zionism
1459Ruth ParisBosto
1458Christian CollinsHarvard
1457Shula OrnsteinBrandeis University
1456Joshua FreedmanThe Ohio State University
1455Mara RiveraUC Berkeley
1454Eliza KaplanBates College
1453Steven WelzerRutgers
1452Harpo JaegerBrown University
1451Daniel CramerSwarthmore College
1450Elizabeth IngenthronGraduate Theological Union
1449Lior Appel-KrautTufts University
1448Michael AppelOberlin College
1446AnonymousBrandeis University
1445susan NewmanBrandeis University '65
1444Dennis ShumanUniversity of Florida
1443Eleni ZimilesColumbia University
1442Uri PachterColumbia University
1441Aaron LaweeUniversity of Pennsylvania
1440Debra KolodnyCornell and University of Pennsylvania alum
1439Yehudah WinterPortland State University
1438Lawrence MossIndiana University, Bloomington
1437Stanley HabibCUNY
1436Naomi DannVassar College
1435Sophia GoldbergBoston University
1434Shirley Resnick CrenshawWesleyan
1433Karina De LeonBoston University
1432Nadeem IstfanBoston University
1431Claudette StalworthKent State
1430Meta KrumsteinerBabson
1429Molly KulwinUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
1428Neal CohenSwarthmore College
1427Renate Robertsonumass amherst
1426Aretha FranklinDetroit U.
1425Dicky BettsSlippery Rock
1424AnonymousLaguardia Community College
1422Charlotte BadlerSimmons College
1421Noah JacksonColumbia University
1420AnonymousUniv of Pennsylvania
1419Daniel SokatchBrandeis University
1418Susan AdelmanSFSU
1417mariam rimawibarnard
1416AnonymousBarnard College
1415Jeff WarnerHarvard, Ph.D, 1967
1414Zivel LevonAl Quds
1413Julia ClemonsUniversity of Chicago
1412Leo GrossmanWesleyan
1411Jennifer LiebschutzWesleyan
1410shira millerWesleyan
1409Nitzan ZivWesleyan
1408Daniella SchmidtWesleyan
1407Anne FoxWesleyan
1406William KaplanWesleyan
1405Leora AbelsonWesleyan
1404Paul FlorsheimWesleyan
1403Mishele HalpernWesleyan
1402Erica Belkin AllenWesleyan
1401Isabel RouseWesleyan
1400Rachel BerkowitzWesleyan
1399Henry LowendorfCase Western Reserve Univ.
1398David BarangerWesleyan
1397Ariela KnightWesleyan
1396Maddie NeufeldWesleyan
1395Abby RosensteinWesleyan
1394Filip KostaneckiMacalester College
1393Jordyn WhitmanMacalester
1392Emma GolubWesleyan
1391Laurence ZuckermanWesleyan
1390Sid ShniadWesleyan
1388Rachel EismanWesleyan
1387Sam FactorWesleyan
1386Nancy KoWesleyan
1385Maxwell HellmannWesleyan
1384Teddy KlausWesleyan
1383Sarah CasselWesleyan
1382Rob WohlWesleyan
1381Sarah GuntherWesleyan
1380Brian Dilks-BrotmanWesleyan
1379Shalom StaubWesleyan
1378Sharon LightWesleyan
1377Nancy Fuchs kreimerWesleyan
1376Sara SwetzoffWesleyan
1375Jared FinebergWesleyan
1374Nina Erlich-WilliamsWesleyan
1373Spencer MerollaWesleyan
1372Eli StaubWesleyan
1371Joshua FriedmanWesleyan
1370Nomi TeutschWesleyan
1369Ethan TischlerWesleyan
1368Zach StrassburgerWesleyan
1367Cara HerbitterWesleyan
1366Ben JacobsWesleyan
1365Jenn PollanWesleyan
1364David ShorWesleyan
1363Solomon BillinkoffWesleyan
1362Ari FishmanWesleyan
1361Daphna Spivack Wesleyan
1360Lena Eson RoeWesleyan
1359Yael HorowitzWesleyan
1358irene diamondPrinceton
1357Jessica Holden SherwoodWesleyan
1356Ian HalpernWesleyan
1355Julian DannWesleyan
1354Julie DinnersteinColumbia College, Columbia University
1353Ryan MinorHarvard
1352Pinchas GillerWesleyan
1351Seth SandersHarvard
1350Noam BackWesleyan
1349Emily GreenspanWesleyan
1348Elizabeth GelmanWesleyan
1347Jacob SeltzerWesleyan
1346Ben FlorsheimWesleyan
1345Michael LindenWesleyan
1344Sarah Lerman-SinkoffWesleyan
1343Rebecca SchislerWesleyan
1342Carolyn LippWesleyan
1341Yona Roberts GoldingWesleyan
1340Maggie Feldman-PiltchWesleyan
1339Hannah PlonWesleyan
1338Becca Caspar-JohnsonWesleyan
1337Sydney LewisWesleyan
1336Stephanie BlumenstockWesleyan
1335Matthew SteinWesleyan
1334Talia BaurerWesleyan
1333Abigail FreidlandWesleyan
1332Aviva HirschWesleyan
1331Kayla ReimanWesleyan
1330Josh KrugmanWesleyan
1329Benny DoctorWesleyan
1328Nina StenderWesleyan
1327Jacob SeltzerWesleyan
1326Maya BerkmanWesleyan
1325Jared FinebergWesleyan
1324Ted ShabecoffWesleyan
1323Hayley CurrierUC Berkeley
1322Daniel SzyldTemple University
1321Nadine Dyskant-MillerUniversity of Michigan
1320David RoswellOberlin College
1319Barbara DyskantParent of Student at University of Michigan
1318Rebecca RosenthalClaremont McKenna College (Claremont Colleges Hillel)
1317Gabrielle WeinblattHofstra University
1316Jonathan HirschbergIthaca College
1315Abby BrauerHofstra University
1314Eli HorowitzWashington University in St. Louis
1313AnonymousJohns Hopkins University
1312Didi KalmanofskySUNY Buffalo
1311Julia AminovThe Ohio State University
1310Max FrankUniversity of Michigan
1309Marietjie CoertzenUKZN
1308Simone HudsonStanford University
1307AnonymousUC Santa Cruz
1306Jon SimonsIndiana University
1305Melissa CochraneLoyola Marymount University
1304Israel Ben-AsherBrooklyn College
1303Frank UnderwoodStandWithUs
1302Naomi BarnettBinghamton University
1301Hannah KoberBrandeis University
1300Naomi WeinblattBrandeis University
1299AnonymousUniversity of Vermont
1298Iona FeldmanBrandeis University
1297Seth UzmanUniversity of Texas at Austin
1296Ezra BenusHunter College
1295Simone SerhanRoosevelt University
1294Cameron WilliamsonUniversity of Missouri
1293Josef BerriossUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
1292Nicolas SerhanTufts University
1291AnonymousBrandeis University
1290Sarah KronesVirginia Tech
1289Rob LevyUniversity of Pennsylvania
1288AN QuittnerUniversity of Chicago
1287Holly BiceranoBoston University
1286Jeremy LevingerUW-Madison
1284daniel FishmanUC Berkeley
1283Shai GluskinUC Berkeley
1282Catie StewartBrandeis University
1281Yaakov MalometBrandeis University
1280Malak Abu SharkhMIT
1279Nitzah GebhardMiddlebury Colelge
1278Lucy CherbasSwarthmore College '64
1277Daryl MatthewsUniversity of Hawaii
1276Shula Ornstein Brandeis University
1275Rabbi Jeffrey Falicknone
1274Arielle SchoenburgUniversity of Michigan
1273Ayala EmmettUniversity of Rochester
1272Jonathan BurstonWestern University
1271Kate BurchOberlin College
1270Marc SnirUIUC
1269Rosanne RabinowitzOberlin
1268sharon greenblumUniversity of Washington
1267Irwin RosenthalSyracuse
1266Tali deGrootUNC
1265Michael HollanderUCLA
1264Howard MetzenbergOberlin College
1263Mollie WolfUniversity of Washington, Bothell
1262Sharna MarcusN/A
1261Aj HeinCornell
1260Deirdre JonesChicago Theological Seminary
1259Eric JohanssonColorado College
1258Michael WeinfeldWashington University in St. Louis
1257Seth SteinNorthwestern University
1256Viktoria BedoBrandeis University
1255h BernsteinHarvard
1254AnonymousMount Holyoke College
1253Farah WehebaStanford University
1252Sarah MichelsonOberlin College
1251Caroline JohnsonUNC Chapel Hill
1250Stefanie JacobHarvard
1249Zachary KratochvilDartmouth College
1248Daniel LelandAugsburg College
1247Susan LandauBoston University
1246Susan RichardsSwarthmore '66
1245Jessica DiamondCornell University
1244Elana JacobsUC Hastings College of the Law
1243Stuart CharméRutgers University--Camden
1242Spencer GoldenHaverford college
1241lynne isercornell
1240Benjamin MeyerNew York University
1239Zubin SoleimanyYeshiva: Cardozo Law
1238Vaughn HarrisonSwarthmore '72
1237Margaret NelsonSwarthmore '66
1236Richard MeyerSwarthmore
1235Elizabeth AbelSwarthmore
1234Merryl GoldbergCal state San Marcos
1233William NelsonSwarthmore
1232Timothy ModelMiami University
1231AnonymousIndiana University
1230Howard AdelmanQueen's U (and Cornell, JTS, Brandeis)
1229Richard FassPomona College
1228Josef OsterneckNorth Carolina State University
1227Anonymoussonoma state
1226Jan FrankelUCSC
1225Kabir KapurUC Davis
1224Margaret LevyUniversity of Michigan
1223Moshe AdlerColumbia
1222Joseph ThomeUniversity of Wisconsin
1221Karin AdelmanUMass alum
1220Cary MoyDePaul University
1219Charles NadlerCommunity College of Denver
1218Justine BardaVassar
1217Marcia WeisbrotCity College of San Francisco
1216Eleanor CohenUCLA
1215Lyle RubinUniversity of Rochester
1214AnonymousBoston University School of Public Health
1213AnonymousUniversity of Pennsylvannia
1212Roberta CohnUMASS
1211Ilan LevinU Texas @ Austin
1210Emily LazowickNova Southeastern University
1209Dan HorowitzUniversity of Pennsylvania
1208Gabriel LernerBoston University School of Medicine
1207Emily AbelUcla
1206AnonymousBarnard College
1205AnonymousUniversity of Pennsylvania
1204Laura ScheuerSwarthmore
1203Cecily Langdale DavisSwarthmore
1202Robin ScheuerUniversity of Alabama
1201Marc Perry Tulane University
1200Larry CohenCalifornia State University
1199Jeff FeingoldHamilton College
1198Rebecca PowellUC Berkeley
1197Daniel NelsonUniversity of Rochester
1196Glenn RippsUniversity of Miami
1195Peter DiamondMIT
1194Beth HerzWesleyan
1193Bill SirotyStony Brook '73
1192AnonymousUC Davis
1191Linda schreiberSyracuse University
1190kenneth schreiberLafayette College
1189Susan GlickTulane '61
1188Joseph CavallaroPace University
1187Judith SoukupCity University of New York
1186Jonah BoyarinWesleyan
1185AnonymousCornell University
1184Judith BerlowitzUC Berkeley
1183Jennifer UlemanSwarthmore '87
1182AnonymousUniversity of Pennsylvania
1181AnonymousUniversity of Oregon
1180Jon SteinbergSwarthmore '65
1179Wendy A. RabinowitzUniversity of Illinois
1178Darryl MitteldorfSwarthmore
1177howard newmanMiami University
1176Janice WeissUniversity of Pennsylvania
1174Cora DiamondSwarthmore
1173Marjorie RutimannNyu
1172Daniel MenakerSwarthmore
1171Julie DiamondSwarthmore, '65
1170Marc Ellis(Retired) Baylor University
1169Nora KerrichSwarthmore College
1168Sy WeissFort Lee U
1167Stephen PrinciottaUniversity of Hartford
1166Laura SchaferHarvard (alum)
1165Danny BlindermanWesleyan University
1164Nancy JacobsonUniversity of Chicago
1163Brian TokarUniversity of Vermont
1161Tina WuUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1160Joshua Sherwesleyan
1159Meera SethPrinceton University
1158jeffrey schwarzuniversity of pennsylvania
1157Haley KossekBrown University
1156Morgan CurrierUniversity of Washington
1155AnonymousUniversity of Florida
1154Devin HibbardUCSC
1153Frederick LevyHarvard
1152Michael DashkinBerkeley
1151Jay FrankelNew York University
1150Harry ReisUniversity of Rochester
1149AnonymousYeshiva University/ Cardozo Law
1148Jessica Feierman University of Pennsylvania, University, Temple
1147michael posnerYale College/Harvard Medical
1146Daniel KaplanUniversity of Chicago
1145Andrew LutskyMendocino College
1144Molly FitzMorrisUniversity of Washington
1143Lewis LeavittUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
1142Katherine HermanUniversity of Maryland
1141Anonymousnorthwestern university
1140Sarah ReveszSwarthmore College
1139Andrew RamerUniversity of San Francisco
1138Heather LeviTemple University
1137Benjamin Goldbergnone
1136Barbara ShapiroSwarthmore
1135Paula GarberWestern Washington University
1134Eric WeinbergUniversity of Pennsylvania
1133Lawrence LipinPacific University
1132Philip LomWestern Connecticut State University
1131Steven FeiermanUniversity of Pennsylvania
1130Deborah HenslerStanford University
1129Judith PiotrkowskiAmherst College
1128Brian HarveyMIT
1127Alan NichamlffU of Vermont
1126Theodore Brown BrownUniversity of Rochester
1125Rebecca OfferSmith College
1124David LurieColumbia University
1122AnonymousSwarthmore College
1121Daniel A. HarrisRutgers University
1120Sidney ShawUniversity of Rochester
1119Corinne Sutter-BrownUniversity of Rochester
1118John FedorczykCCNY
1117Shan KhanColumbia
1116Julie AndersonBrown u Ali
1115Keith DanishNot in school
1114Ellen SleeterQuaker attender, from Media
1113AnonymousTemple University
1112Melissa BinderUniversity of New Mexico
1111kobi snitzuniversity of maryland
1110Peter RachleffMacalester College
1109Jonathan GraubartSan Diego State University
1108Helen HolwayClark University
1106smadar Lapidotjohns Hopkins
1105Marc EngelSwarthmore College
1104Margalit TepperIndiana University
1103AnonymousBrandeis University
1102Rabbi Susan Bulba CarvuttoHarvard Radcliffe
1101Les FieldUniversity of New Mexico
1100Charles BuxbaumUniversity of New Mexico and Sandia Preparatory School
1099David TrimbleHarvard University
1098Debera Elkahana FirstUniversity of Hawai'i
1097ora Gladstonemit
1096Jacob AdenbaumSwarthmore College
1095Deborah Rohernone currently
1094Sheila McCoyCalifornia State Polytechnic University, Pomona
1093Patsy CunninghamNone
1092Steven PuzarneHarvard
1091 Steven PuzarneHebrew Union College
1090Dr. Peter GeidelPeter Geidel
1089Jeffrey Shapiro PhDNone
1087AnonymousNew School for Social Research
1085Michael Rambergnone
1084Marty RothUniversity of Minnesota
1083sheila delanysimon fraser university
1082Elizabeth GenoUC Berkeley
1081Linda CarrawayMount Holyoke College
1080Daniel HayeemUniversity College London
1079Daniel SieradskiOnondaga Community College
1078Dr Robert Oppenheimer Wayne State University
1077Melissa HirschMiddlebury College
1076Elana SheverBrown University
1075Rachel Abrams Clark University
1074AnonymousColumbia University
1073Michael McCallLoyola University New Orleans
1072Helga MankovitzQueens University
1071Doris SorokoBard College
1070Leslie LomasUniversity of Colorado
1069yoni millerNone
1068Sydney VigranRice University
1067Joseph KolakowskiTouro College
1066Martin RubenbergColumbia College
1065Lindsey WeinerUniversity of Alabama
1064Stewar Robinsonnone
1063Alexander SalisburyNew College of Florida
1062Alec NiedenthalBrown
1061Lillian Rosengartennone
1060David AuerbachNCSU
1059Hedy EpsteinNone
1058Libby FrankNone
1057Russ GreenleafUniversity of Louisville
1056Amos Gvirtznone
1055Marcia Bernsteinnone
1054Michael ZigmondUniversity of Pittsburgh
1053Aaron DorfmanUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
1052Constance MietkowskiSwarthmore College
1051abraham WeizfeldUniversité du Québec à Montréal
1050AnonymousMcGill University
1049Sam BryanUniversity of North Carolina
1048Michael AppelOberlin
1047Alexander McNaughtonHarvard
1046Abbie JenksGreenfield Community College
1045Yu Qin Swarthmore college
1043Cathy GulkinNone
1042Audrey BrunerUC Berkeley
1041Bill JacksonFlorida Junior College
1040Emily GreenGeorge Brown Collge
1039AnonymousCornell University
1038alan kahnPrince George's Comm College
1037Rudolph hoessnone
1036Thomas EdsonMt. San Antonio College
1035Aryeh YoungerYeshiva University
1034Ryan kadriUniversity of Wisconsin at Madison
1033Freda Guttmannone
1032Shelly AltmanBrooklyn College
1031Robert RandUniversity of Pennsylvania
1030Adina Spertus-MelhusSwarthmore College
1029AnonymousYale University
1028Benjamin AlpersUniversity of Oklahoma
1027Sharon VardatiraHavard Divinity School
1026Zohar Chamberlain RegevHaifa University
1025gila avnihebrew university
1024Kathryn ChamplinStanford University
1023Kyle HardgraveUniversity of Pennsylvania
1022Nick FeltSwarthmore College
1021mark lipkinuc berkeley
1020AnonymousUniversity of Illinois
1019Lia BenYishayPenn State University
1018Dvorah ElsterUniversity of Wisconsin
1017Ariana SiegelTufts university
1016Alexis WojtowiczUniversity of Maryland
1015Naomi FrischUniversity of Wisconsin
1014Nicolas LevyMcGill University
1013Jeffrey WeissQueens College
1012Maia VolkUniversity of Michigan
1011Marc RabinowitzHarvard
1010Leeza GavronskyUniversity of Rochester
1009Marissa CohenSwarthmore
1008Meryl SandsSwarthmore College
1007Aryeh CohenAmerican Jewish University
1006Rachel GiovannielloSwarthmore College
1005AnonymousStanford University
1004Rena Schuman StolerClark University
1003Rebecca GoldinHarvard
1002Anna LieblingClark Universtiy
1001Shahar SztainerUniversity of Michigan
1000Deborah KoppGoucher College
999Rachel FlahermanSwarthmore College
998Aaron KaySkidmore College
997Ayden ScheimWestern University
996Joel RiceUnion College
995AnonymousSwarthmore College
994Jamie BaranekMcGill University
993AnonymousLehigh University
992Dana HollanderMcMaster University
991Meredith WeissRice University
990Shani TzorefYeshiva University
989Daniel RothUniversity of Toronto
988Hila OhayonUniversity of Toronto
987AnonymousUniversity of Waterloo
986Benna KesslerUniversity of Michigan, University of Chicago
985Michael FagenblatShalem College; Monash University
984Micah HendlerYale University
983Ariel SernickUniversity of Toronto
982Madeline RicherBarnard College/Jewish Theological Seminary
981AnonymousClark University
980Rachel KarpfBarnard/Columbia
979Julia DeVartiJohns Hopkins University
978William BechhoeferHarvard
977Stephanie PellRutgers University, Columbia University, Yeshiva University
976Adina CooperBarnard College
975Michael KaplanHarvard
974Sarah BaraschReconstructionist Rabbinical College
973AnonymousColumbia University
972Lily Gordon-KovenMacalester college
971Peter GoldbergHarvard University, University of Wisconsin
970Michael ManisIndiana University
969AnonymousVassar College
968Nina PressmanUniversity of Michigan
967Eliana GoldingOberlin College
966Rebecca KatzVassar College
965Miriam RichHarvard
964Matan DinerClark University
963Haley LeibovitzRoosevelt University
962Mariel BoyarskyUniversity of Washington
961Annie GreeneUniversity of Chicago, McGill University
960David RylanceUniversity of Sydney
959AnonymousUniversity of Chicago
958Jeffrey LevyHarvard
957AnonymousUniversity of Maryland, College Park
956Jason KosnoskiUniversity of Michigan--Flint
955Emmett RensinUniversity of Chicago
954Seth LeibsonUC Berkeley
953AnonymousBarnard College
952AnonymousUniversity of Pittsburgh
951Gerald GoldinHarvard
950Andrew YaleUniversity of Chicago
949Martin TanzRutgers University, Marquette University
948Corey RobinBrooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center
947Rebecca SternSwarthmore
946Jonathan DresnerHarvard
945AnonymousSwarthmore College
944Mk DavisMacalester College
943Joel SimonsUniversity of Maine
942Pele IrgangLadenTemple University
941Dvora YanowWageningen
940Uriel BaruchSCSU
939Leonie CohenSwarthmore College
938Emma PulidoMacalester College
937AnonymousUniversity of Chicago
936Stephen LurieUniversity of Chicago
935Hannah WeilbacherOberlin College
934Shira Pik-NathanUniversity of Pittsburgh
933Ross David JacobsUniversity of Chicago
932Raina FoxBrown University
931Tasha KaminskyBrandeis
930Daniel WeissHampshire College
929Danya LagosUniversity of Chicago
928Elliot Shriner-CahnBrandeis university
927Jordana StarkmanConcordia University
926AnonymousConcordia University
925Miriam GrossmanOberlin College
924Maya Paris-SaperSarah Lawrence College
923Abigail LutskyBard College
922Keith PenceNYU
921Meera AiyagariNYU
920Elon RovUC Berkeley
919David MeyerUniversity of Maryland, College Park
918Jordan CooperBard College
917Rachel SmithColumbia University
916Jesse SchafferThe George Washington University
915Rorys SilverGeorge Washington University
914Sara GeliebterWestern Washington University
913Ella ZetlerMcGill University
912Shula SmithNYU
911Nadia HeckerBeloit college
910Heath Mackenzie ReynoldsSeattle University
909Jonathan HorwitzGoucher
908Martine KaplanTufts alum
907Louisa SolomonNew School University
906Sandy JohnstonColumbia University/Jewish Theological Seminary
905Alexander EdelmanHarvard
904Joshua BoydstunUniversity of Chicago
903AnonymousMcGill University
902andy sontagHarvard
901Shachar PinskeUniversity of Michign
900Liana RothmanTel Aviv University
899AnonymousUniversity of Toronto
898Sherry IsraelU of Chicago, Brandeis
897Nikki Paley CoxUIC
896Jacob UdellMiddlebury College
895AnonymousHebrew University
894Mordechai LevovitzNYU
893AnonymousMcGill University
892Ellen FrankelNone
891Kyle ClaytonImam University
890Saul ZarittJewish Theological Seminary
889Daniel RosenUniversity at Buffalo
888Avi SmolenRutgers University
887Jeremy ElsterUC Berkeley
886Aharon VaradyJewish Theological Seminary of America
885Shelley BuchbinderUniversity of Connecticut
884Emily MayerHaverford College
883brady winrobconcordia university
882Emily SchaefferUC Berkeley
881Sarah SternBard College
880dana mandlerNew York University
879Jacob BenderHarvard
878Mohammad KhanBrooklyn College
877Janice Rogers-Levynone
876Syed Husainwinona state university
874Max SchindlerBrown University
873Rob KlegonDePaul University
872Victoria LangGeorgia State University
871Kevin SiegelColumbia
870Adam Shernone
869Michael GellmanHarvard
868AnonymousHampshire College
867Malkah NadoffNew York University
866Kira CohenOberlin College
865Elliot GlassenbergMcGill University
864Daniel BackmanHarvard
863Anne RemleyUniversity of Michigan
862AnonymousUniversity of Michigan
861Jesse RabinowitzUniversity of Maryland College Park
860Shani AbramowitzBrandeis University
859Gabriel ErbsPortland State University
858Robyn GottliebPortland State University
857Solomon Goldstein-RoseBrown University
856Justin SzaszHarvard College
855Hayyim FeldmanBrandeis University
854Joshua WolfsunSwarthmore College
853Amelia DornbushSwarthmore College
852Nathan SandalowBrandeis University
851Ian PerryUCSB
850Tara SiegelWellesley, Georgetown
849Maddy RuvoloScripps College
848Leah FordRhodes College
847Benjamin LangerUniversity of Western Ontario
846Ben UmansUniversity of Chicago
845Robert NaimanUniversity of Illinois
844AnonymousHaverford College
843Lily BakerUniversity of Chicago
842AnonymousUniversity of Chicago
841AnonymousCalifornia State University Sacramento
840Rachel DavidsonOberlin College
839Elana WeinerWheaton College
838Amy EstersohnUniversity of Chicago
837Noa BarUCLA
836Talya GillmanUniversity of Washington
835Jonah RUniversity of Chicago
834Batya FeldmanPitzer College
833Kate LevinsteinUniversity of Chicago
832Ella SchwammThe University of Chicago
831Jay StantonThe University of Chicago
830Rabbi Mike RothbaumNew College
829Roxanne ShooshaniUniversity of Michigan
828Paula UngerThe New School
827Natalie DupilleColorado College
826Jonathan DineUniversity of Chicago
825Emily Vidler---
824Jon EmontSwarthmore College
823Noah SchoenColumbia University
822Zoe LewinUC Berkeley
821Moriel RothmanMiddlebury College
820Danielle FultzOhio University
819Samuel TellUniversity of Pennsylvania
818Aryeh BernsteinColumbia University
817Rachel RichmanUniversity of Chicago
816Natalie FeldmanHarvard
815Maddie UlanowCarleton College
814Nerya GrenimannBen Gurion University
813Sarah Stein LubranoHarvard University
812Noa FleischackerOberlin College
811Sam SussmanSwarthmore College
810Maya RosenPrinceton University
809Lily GellmanPrinceton University
808Alissa GiaconaCalifornia State University, Northridge
807Shayna HowittUC Berkeley
806Lindsay FunkStanford University
805elaine ejiguUC Santa Cruz
804Nadya TannousUC Santa Cruz
803Matt DrabekThe University of Iowa
802Jonathan KatzUniversity of Chicago
801Neal FeldmanUniversity of Denver
800Robert SteinUniversity of Akron
798Andria KaplanThe University of Akron
797Lawrence S. MossIndiana University
795AnonymousUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
794Ilana BlumUniversity of Minnesota
793Meryl CreanUniversity of Pennsylvania
792Jeff BakelyWesleyan University
791Elliot SeifHarvard
790John BudrowTufts
789Judith GoldschmidtTemple University
788Eleanor SaundersColumbia University
787Sally HaslangerMIT
786Leila Hanna-KohenGoucher College
785Rebecca JaroshTemple University
784Rod MacNeilBrandeis University
783lillian sigalUniversity of Pittsburgh
782Susan SchewelVanderbilt University
780rebecca kochmanUniversity of Pennsylvania
779Phyllis BermanUniversity of Wisconsin; Columbia University
778Eileen LevinsonUniversity of Cincinnati, Drexel
777Susan Karol MartelHarvard
776Jacklyn GilBrandeis University
775Gabriel LevineUCLA
774Tomas SalcedoUC Berkeley
773Georges ReyUniversity of Maryland, College Park
771Rachel SumekhUCLA
770susan roudamillersville univ
769Alan TuttleAlan Tuttle
768Ariel WeissAriel Weiss
767Andrea MaddenWashington University
766Lance LaverUniversity of Pennsylvania
765Seth HorwitzPenn State
763Steve PerkissNone
762Lisa TuttleStony Brook University
761Abby RuderNone
760Max CloseBrandeis U
759AnonymousUniversity of Kentucky
758Michael FelsenHarvard
757Debbie LipshutzWesleyan University
756Mete Odabasi The Roeper School
755Margret TrotzkyBrandeis University
754Mark HaasTemple Universiity
753Karen SingerUniversity of Pennsylvania
752Joe KingBrown University
751Marguerite RosenthalMarguerite Rosenthal
750AnonymousUniversity of California Santa Cruz
749Myles HoenigCommunity College of Baltimore County
748Sarah FahmyBrandeis University
747Clare McQueenSchool of Life
746Dan RaisUniversity of Southern California
745AnonymousHarvard University
743Clifton MasdeaBrandeis University
742AnonymousColgate University
741Seth GrandeBrandeis University
740Morgan ConleyBrandeis University
739Gail NestelUniversity of Victoria (Canada)
738Deena DuwaikColorado State University
737Rebecca PollardOhio Wesleyan University
736Meg SullivanColumbia University
735Maia McCoyPitzer college
734Yvonne WinerUCLA
733Rebecca PierceUC Santa Cruz
732AnonymousUniversity of Texas-Austin
731Eugene LernerBrooklyn College
730Rachael KamelTemple University
729Bridget RundquistLesley University
728Roi BachmutskyUC Berkeley
727Samantha Kaufman Middlebury College
726Hannah FishmanReed College
725Rachel CohenJohns Hopkins
724Simone ZimmermanUC Berkeley
723Hilary LustickNew York University
722Daniel MittlemanDePaul University
721Andrea BelascoHarvard
720Anna BaltzerColumbia University
719David Deutsch USC
718Molly MangelTulane University
717marilyn kimmerlingThe Evergreen State College
716karelina resnickUniversity of WA
715Susan ShawlCalifornia College of the Arts
714Gabrielle WeilerTufts University
713Maya FishbachYale
712AnonymousYale University
711Sallye Steiner BowyerWashington University
710Leslie Krivo-KaufmanUniversity of Pennsylvania
709Jacob RemesYale
708Eyal MazorUC Berkeley
707AnonymousWesleyan University
706Gabrielle RobbinsBarnard College
705Caspia SchwartzBarnard College
704Joel TrupinCornell University
703Sam HamerYale
702Mark KleimanUCLA
701Karen Klein MDMiddlebury College, Tufts University
700AnonymousBoston University
699Sandra RosenSouthern Conn. State College
698Ramon GreenbergHarvard
697Phyllis BretholtzSimmons College and Harvard Graduate School of Education
696Ariana KatzBoston University
695William BrownUniversity of Massachusetts Boston
694Mitchell KamenU. of A., Columbia, Brooklyn College (SUNY)
693Ellen MassHarvard
692Michelle KatzNYU
691Marcy HarrisEmerson College
690jean entineUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
689Sarah WoodburyHarvard
688Chanda Prescod-WeinsteinHarvard
687Amanda HoffmanBrandeis University
686AnonymousUniversity of Illinois
685Ken OlumStanford University
684AnonymousEarlham College
683Suzi PietroluongoEmerson College
682Lisa NessanUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
681Michael Robinnortheastern illinois university
680Martin FedermanFormer Director, Northeastern U Hillel
679Michael MandelOhio State University
678Penny RosenwasserCity College of San Francisco
677Zoe GoormanWashington U & San Francisco State U
676lynn worrellConcordia University (Montreal)
675Miriam BrodersenBarnard College
674Yuriy ReznikLoyola University Chicago
673AnonymousOhio State University
672AnonymousSmith College
671Joel RubinUniversity of Virginia
670Sara FelderS.F.S.U.
669Sarah EisensteinStanford University
668Murray Beavergraduate of The City College of NY
667Rabbi Michael FeinbergNone
666Brandy BakerUniversity of Guelph
665Peter Sporn Professor of MedicineNorthwestern University
664AnonymousColumbia University
663Gerald SerottaAlum, Harvard
662Jonathan Brumberg-KrausHarvard
661Michael Levin, Ph.D.University of Illinois
660AnonymousStanford and Rutgers
659Mira OreckMcGill University
658David AvruchJohns Hopkins University
657Wendy Elisheva Somersonnone
656Mike OkrentUniversity of Minnesota
655Noah T. WinerAmherst College
654Mares Hirchertnone
653Antonia HouseNYU
652Jodie ZisowGoucher College
651Ivan KazenUniversity of Bridgeport
650Dennis ShumanUniversity of Florida
649Matthew BrownUniversity of Pennsylvania
648Lawrence HamiltonHarvard College
647Peter MarmorekMIT
646Judith SaulSUNY Cortland
645REnee HoffingerUniversity of Florida
644Richard PlatkinUniversity of Washington and UCLA
643Eve HershcopfUniversity of Colorado
642AnonymousStanford University
641Rabbi Shaya Isenberg University of Florida
640Gary BabadColumbia University
639Jesse MandelUC Santa Barbara
638Adrienne LiebermanHarvard-Radcliffe
637Katya AnderssonIthaca College
636Rain ZohavGratz
635Laurie GoldsteinMichigan
634David MandelOberlin, NYU
633Laviza sHarifftemple university
632Rachel GreeneThe Evergreen State College
631Terry FletcherUCLA
630Rabbi David MivasairUniversity of Maryland, College Park
629Alana AlpertUC Santa Cruz
628Julie WeinerU. of Wisconsin/CCNY
627Silvia TennenbaumColumbia
626AnonymousOberlin College
625Michael SugermanUMass Amherst
624Jesse NissimSyracuse University
623Eve WeinbaumUMass Amherst
622Joseph LevineUMass Amherst
621Cheri GurseUCSB
620AnonymousWellesley College, ASU Soc. Work
619Claire FishmanNone....
618AnonymousUniversity of South Florida
617David MendenhallHarvard
616Dana BergenUC Berkeley
615Leanne FriedmanUC Davis
614Sallie ShawlUC Berkeley & NYU
613Elaine Schwartz, Ph.D.University of Arizona
612Harriet MalinowitzLong Island University, Brooklyn
611Lois FineToo long ago to count
610Simone RichmondSyracuse University
609Riana GoodBrown University
608Audrey BomseColumbia University
607David LurieNone
606AnonymousEmerson College
605Miriam Gleckman-KrutColumbia University
604Marni Goldshlaglong time since
603Rivko KnoxUSC, Los Angeles, CA & ASU, AZ
602Bobbi SiegelbaumNone
601Racheli GaiSUNY at Stony Brook
600Ari WohlfeilerUC Berkeley
598Peter BelmontMIT & Harvard
597Beverly StuartAntioch University
596Jessica EnglishHarvard
595AnonymousVillanova University
594Gayle RuediPurdue Univ; MIT
593Marilyn GoodmanUCLA
592Aron GutmanBrandeis University
591AnonymousSCSU - Southern CT State University
590Mqoqtadir NaimFAU
589Elizabeth BermanSUNY Albany
588Abe SimhonyHarvard 1978
587Claudia LeightMorgan State University
585Sarah WaltersNoine
584Julia ShpirtSyracuse University
583Edward ToddHarvard
582Cristina EscarmisNone
581jacob scheerprinceton
580Zeev RosenkranzHarvard
579Daniel CarnieUCLA
578Uri StraussUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
577George HudesAmerican University
576David LeskowitzVassar College
575Marjorie WrightBrown
574Eli GlasnerTel Aviv University (Sabatical year at Harvard)
573AnonymousUC San Diego
572Jack LitewkaUniversity of California, Berkeley
571Ellen (Shriman) SchwartzThe University of Chicago, AB '66
570Peter HenryYale
569Gerson RobboyReed College
568AnonymousUC Santa Cruz
567Emma KleinSeattle University
566AnonymousStanford, University of NC-CH
565Susannah NachenbergUC Santa Cruz
564Susie LevyUniversity of Wisconsin '07
563carole edelskyuniversity of new mexico
561David LelyveldHarvard A.B. 1963
560lyn steinSan Francisco State University
559Avital AboodyUC Berkeley
558Annette HerskovitsStanford PhD 1982
557Richard BlumYale '84
556Anne GarciaWashtenaw Community College
555Henry NorrHarvard '68
554Carol MarshAdelphi University
553Paul and Joan WallerUCLA
552William Simonds, MDUniversity of Pittsburgh
551Aaron LevittCU-Boulder, UMDNJ
550Alicia CoopermanStanford
549Sheldon KleinUC Berkeley
548Rebecca JenkinsSF State University
547Fitz PattonFitz Patton
546Bill RobertsWayne State University
545Bill LeavittOberlin College
544Carol Landsman Harvard
543Alan BlitzBrandeis
542Benjamin RobinsonHarvard
541Bruce BallinCity College of San Francisco
540joelle adlerblumalum. Smith, NYU, Cornell, U.Mass.
539Judith NormanU of Wisconsin
538Elizabeth SegalHarvard
537Norma SmithSan Francisco State University
536Marilyn NeimarkBaruch College--CUNY
535AnonymousUniversity of PIttwsburgh
534Nancy FleischerBarnard College, Columbia University
533Michael KaufmanUniversity of California, Los Angeles
532Zach ResnickOberlin College
531Gene RobbinsBrandeis Univ.
530Liana SmithMontgomery College
529Barbara BogardU of Michigan
528Lincoln ShlenskyUniversity of California, Berkeley
527Jay SaperMiddlebury College
526Jacob LabendzWashington University in St. Louis
525AnonymousBinghamton University
524Asher MayersonDartmouth College
523Emily HechtHarvard
521AnonymousColorado College
520AnonymousTufts University
519AnonymousBard College
518marshal colemanBinghamton
517Samuel RosinHarvard
516Beth NiestatHarvard
515Alana Krivo-KaufmanBarnard College, Columbia University
514Caryn BroitmanHarvard
513Akiva SandersUPenn
512Caroline LightHarvard
511Noa NessimBrown University
510Samuel PottashHarvard
509Ellen Lippmannnone
508Peter HoffenbergHarvard
507AnonymousUniversity of Texas
506Seth HurwitzTufts University
504Jacqueline Wellernone
503Dorah Rosen ShueyUniversity of AL in Birmingham
502Sarina DaneBryn Mawr College
501Jeremy SchwartzColumbia University '09
500Andrew KennardHarvard
498Evgenija StojchevskaHarvard
497Barry TrachtenbergUniversity at Albany, SUNY
496Rose EspinolaUPenn alum
495Rabbi Victor Reinsteinnone
494AnonymousGeorge Washington University
492Danielle LessardHarvard
491Matthew BordenUC Santa Cruz
490Justin GiallorenzoHarvard
489John HofferHarvard
488AnonymousEmerson College
487Yeehui TanTufts University
486Lily OstrerHarvard
483Karim PirbayHarvard
481Henry EmersonTufts University
480AnonymousTufts University
479AnonymousTufts University
476Eva GuidariniHarvard
475Matthew ManssonHarvard
474David HermanHarvard
473Kara LessinHarvard
472Mercedes FlowersHarvard
471AnonymousColumbia Univeristy
468AnonymousTufts University
467Julie AudiTufts University
466Jasmin KhanTufts University
465Chloe PerezTufts University
464Allison WainerTufts University
463Carolyn FlaxTufts University
462Thomas AddisonTufts University
461Ashley UrismanUniversity of Illinois
460Louis HinmanHarvard College
459Amy BaronTufts University
458Michelle LernerPrinceton, Harvard
457Lesly RuelasTufts University
456Chloe MaxminHarvard
455Jeremy GoldmanTufts University
454Harris EngelmannWashington University in St. Louis
453AnonymousEmerson College
452Judy AndlerNortheastern University School of Law
451Collin ReesHarvard
450Borukh GoldbergUCSC
449Joan KatenPace University
448Ilana RossoffHampshire College
447AnonymousUniversity of Illinois
446Cassandra de AlbaSimmons College
445Paul KatzHarvard
444Eli LattoSimmons College
443Pragya KakaniHarvard
442Sofia GebruAlumna (MIT)
441Daniel FederBoston University
440Dev NoilySan Francisco State University
439Kathy WangHarvard
436Nadia JUniversity of London
435David CannonGreenwich University
434AnonymousUniversity of Warwick
433Becca CooleyTufts University
432Nathan GoldwagBrandeis University
431Isaac EmanoSUNY Stony Brook
430Jessamyn Conell-PriceUC Berkeley
428AnonymousUniversity of Guelph
427Lama MUniversity of Auckland
426Andres JaramilloUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
425Kathy FelgranHarvard
424Robert Aldred YoYork University
423Oded ErezUCLA
422Catherine HodesHunter
421Eva KalikoffColumbia University
420Jesse SinaikoUniversity of Chicago
419AnonymousBard College
418AnonymousU of Chicago
417Sofia EscuderoHarvard
416AnonymousNew York University
415Eddie Obeidnone
414Christopher WalleckHarvard
412Susan YatesMemphis Theological Seminary
410Jacquelyn OesterbladUniversity of Arizona
409AnonymousQueens College
408Mike NestorUniversity of Toledo
407John WangHarvard
406Constanza Vidal BustamanteHarvard
405Samantha LuceHarvard
404Juliet WittmanUniversity of Colorado
403S. NasonUniversity of Wisconsin
402Terri KnollNONE
401Sarah MarxSt. John's College
400Louis HirschNone
399Neal MadnickQueens College
398Yuriy BronshteynHarvard
397Paul RussellVictoria university
395Miriam Kurlandnone
394Farzad ParsiHarvard
393Sarah OsmanUniversity of Minnesota
392Clayton Cunha FilhoIESP-UERJ
391Rebecca MorrisUniversity of Muchigan
390Donna-Lee PhillipsThe Cooper Union
389Christian Collinsnone
388Randy DininUniversity of Arizona
387Saling SimonHarvard
386Sylvia LiHarvard
385Hannah MorrillHarvard
381AnonymousHarvard College
380Kevin HazlettHarvard
379AnonymousHarvard College
378Henry UngHarvard College
377Dario GuerreroHarvard College
376Ozdemir VayisogluHarvard
375Ann FinkelsteinSwarthmore
374Randall ReinboldHarvard
373Paula MenyukHarvard
372Shayna ElblingUniversity of California, Berkeley
371Anna FurmanTufts University
370Carol PapagiannisNone
369Jennifer RaderHarvard
368Renee KasinskyHarvard
367Diane MenyukConnecticut College
366Ian GaviganHaverford College
365Lane LevineHarvard
364Laura MenyukHarvard
363Miriam Habibnone
362Cynthia GreenbergHarvard
361AnonymousConcordia University
360AnonymousTufts University
358Audrey DunnTufts University
357David GrinsteinHarvard
356Robert KnoxHarvard
355Zeke ReichHarvard
354Marjorie SuismanHarvard
353Rebecca RobinsonSkidmore College
352Lindsay MorrisBucknell University
351Sylvia SchwarzUniversity of Minnesota
350Lisa KosowskiLoyola Law School
349Risa WallachHebrew College
348Elaine WaxmanUniversity of Chicago
347Alison GlickTemple University
346Rand ClarkUCLA
345Malkah FeldmanHarvard
344Marguerite RosenthalHarvard
343David Dunn BauerHarvard
342AnonymousSarah Lawrence College
341Rebecca AlpertTemple University
340 Linda HoltzmanHarvard
339Omar KawashUniversity of Miami
338Alexander WeissmanTufts University
337Leora AbelsonHarvard
336Hannah LantosHarvard
335Rabbi Michael LernerUC Berkeley
334Susan SiebersHarvard
333Rabbi Arthur WaskowPh D, Univ of Wisconsin (Madison); The Shalom Center
332David GabrielEarlham
331Zev-Hayyim FeyerClaremont School of Theology
330Shahar ColtBarnard College
329David SegalPrinceton University
328Rabbi John FriedmanHarvard
327Tova PerlmutterHarvard
326Claire BergenClaremont Colleges
325Micah WeissWesleyan University
324Joseph BermanWesleyan
323Ellen Schwarz WasfiBarnard College
322Cantor Michael DavisHarvard
321David LovingerUniversity if Chicago
320Rachel Benedict Carleton College
319Eric SelingerHarvard
318Rabbi Jeremy MilgromHarvard
317Michael MandelUniversity of Michigan
316tina escobartruman college
315Lynn GottliebRabbi Emeritus of Nahalat Shalom
314Eyal LevinsonnHarvard
313Danielle EinhornBrandeis University
312Rachel Sonia AlexanderPomona College
311Hannah GelderHarvard
310Jennifer AisenbergHarvard
309Lex HoranWesleyan University
308Catherine Barnafairfield university
307Brant RosenHarvard
306Alissa WiseHarvard
305Glen HauerUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
304Barbara ParmetIndiana University
303Alan WeisbardHarvard
302Dani BaurerNorthwestern University
301Vincent D. StravinoHarvard
300Ari AppelHarvard
299Emilia DiamantNew York University
298Thomas G. Weiss '68Harvard
296Ari Lev FornariHebrew College
295Ben DreyfusHarvard
294Elizabeth LovingerHarvard
293Rebecca EnnenSwarthmore College
292Rena Oppenheimer Tufts University
291Lauren WeissHarvard
290Eve ShapiroEmory University
289Marla ErlienHarvard
288Dave LippmanHarvard
287Rebekah LevinUniversity of Chicago
286Gabrielle FriedmanMiddlebury College
285Leila EinhornBrandeis University
284Robert ChambersCapella University
283Hannah TurnerHaverford College
282AnonymousUniversity of Oregon
281Becca WaxmanHarvard
280AnonymousSmith College
279Kris MiccioHarvard
278Eliana BronsteinUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
277Kelly Viselman Harvard
276Richard HessHarvard
275Barbara HarveyHarvard
274Daniel KaplanHarvard
273Eleanor GamalskiUniversity of Michigan
272AnonymousUniversity of Maryland, College Park
271Alexander KamberovHarvard
270Joao VogelHarvard
269Wynn TuckerHarvard
268Michael MusharbashHarvard
266Carolyn SteinHarvard
264Albert MurzakhanovHarvard
263Garrett MaronHarvard
262Gianina YumulHarvard
260Elizabeth RobertsHarvard
259Cory DeSoleTufts UNiversity
258AnonymousTufts University
257Nico JohnsonTufts University
256John WilliamsonHarvard
255Haleh MansouriWhittier Law School
254AnonymousCarnegie Mellon University
253Lawrence RosenwaldWellesley College
252Joel ReinsteinMichigan State University
251Dan WilsonUCLA
250Richard WedgleTufts University Parent
249Elana BloomfieldMcGill University
248Tamar YaronConcordia University
247Martin JerisatUniversity of Miami
246Menachem Freedmanmcgill
245AnonymousOberlin College
244Jessica RucinskiHarvard
243AnonymousUniversity of Michigan
242Bill ChambersNorthwestern University
241Emma MissouriUniversity of Minnesota
240Abigail KrumbeinUniversity of Michigan
239Michael GilHarvard
238Ellen GarveyNew Jersey City University
237Paul RosenfieldDartmouth College
236Ellie SiegelHampshire College
235AnonymousTufts University
234Isaac Simon HodesHarvard
233Cairo AliBir Zeit University
232Jacob Chase-LubitzDickinson College
231AnonymousDartmouth College
230Elizabeth SavopoulosUniversity of Maryland College Park
229Noah Karr-KaitinCornell University
228Nina RobinsonMiddlebury College
227AnonymousUniversity of Toronto
226Lena SilverHarvard
224Molly BernsteinUniversity of Maryland, College Park
223Amna FarooqiUniversity of Maryland, CP
222Shiri SandlerCornell university
221Sarah NovickUCLA
220AnonymousDartmouth College
219Allison GofmanHarvard
218Benjamin CannonUniversity of Maryland
217AnonymousUC San Diego
216Jake GutmanUniversity of Pennsylvania
214AnonymousUC San Diego
213David StermanDartmouth College
212Rebecca ThornhillUniversity of Ottawa
211Michael Danto Harvard
209Alexander OstroffMcGill University
208Maria NaimarkMcGill University
207Alanna BalintUniversity of Guelph
206Brady WinrobConcordia University
205Les LevidowOpen University, UK
203Lily SchwarzbaumMcGill University
202AnonymousSwarthmore College
201Richard Silversteinnone
200Shani HavushaMcGill University
199Rachel RosenbluthMcGill University
198Carolyn MichaelsOberlin College
197Samara MinkinBrandeis University
196Aaron LernerUniversity of Washington-Seattle
194Stephen FrugHarvard
193David MinkinHarvard
192Lisa StampnitzkyHarvard
191AnonymousTufts Univesity
190Jenna EnglandHarvard
189Yochanan BinyaphehUniversity of California, San Diego
187Sophia GoodfriendTufts University
186Carly FugleiTufts
185AnonymousBoston Univesity
184AnonymousUniversity of South Florida
183Sarah ReidHarvard
182Zahra MahmoodHarvard
180Jesse ZimmermanYork University
179Jesse HartBrandeis University
178Jan Imusnone
177Andrea SummersQueen's University at Kingston, Ontario
176Joseph MorrisBrandeis University
175Greta BerlinUniversity of Illinois
174AnonymousTufts University
173Lydia FedericoHarvard
172Carli HaggertyHarvard
171Claudia MartinezHarvard
170AnonymousTufts University
167Chris RickardTufts University
164Heike SchottenUniversity of Massachusetts Boston
163Jonathan RosenthalHarvard
162Jeremy Aron-DineHarvard
161Nina BernsteinTufts University
160Melanie MalinasOberlin College
159Rose WhitcombHarvard
158Erica Satin-HernandezTufts
157Josh LeiferPrinceton University
156Maya HarrisHarvard
155Benjamin MandelAmerican University
153Benjamin MesirowTufts University
152Paul ChoufaniTufts University
151Alina ButarevaTufts University
150Vincent CalvettiThe Evergreen State College
149Lex RofesBrown
147AnonymousTufts University
146Cassandra Euphrat WestonHarvard
145Jacob HuttHarvard
143Brianna SuslovicHarvard
141Noa ShandlingerUniversity of Toronto
140Symone Isaac- Wilkins Harvard
137Marla MarcumHarvard
136Shayna SkalHarvard
135Karen VillegasHarvard
133Harold EysterHarvard
132Alyssa ChanHarvard
131Anahvia MewbornHarvard
129Alex CoxHarvard
128Ariel ChurchillHarvard
127Tiffany RamosHarvard
126Mohammad HamadHarvard
125Reed McConnellHarvard
124Giacomo BagarellaHarvard
123Larmon LuoHarvard
122Seth FlaxmanHarvard
121Jordan DashowTufts University
120Danielle HullHarvard
119Mihir ChaudharyHarvard
118Tania Rivers-MooreHarvard
117Nathaniel HayHarvard
116Asher MayersonHarvard
115Talia LasterUMass Amherst
114Yacoub KurehHarvard
113Seth MorrisonNone
112Eliana HornColumbia University
111Shlomit SegalYork University
110Adele RosenbloomMcGill University
109Mark KleinMcGill University
108Brenda LewisU of G, Canada
107AnonymousTufts University
106Julia WedgleTufts University
105Elliot MarrowHarvard
104Jessica RosenbergBryn Mawr College
103Paraska TolanBrandeis University
102Adam BrodheimHarvard
101Louis EvansHarvard
100Elizabeth IsaacsonHarvard
99Layla HazemiHarvard
98Kapena BaptistaHarvard
96Zach BlumeVanderbilt University
95Matt ShuhamHarvard
94Aaron SzaszHarvard
93Gabriella SpitzerColumbia University
92Daniel SolomonHarvard
91Yonah LiebermanUniversity of Michigan
90Andrea MirvissHarvard
89Logan BayroffUniversity of Pennsylvania
88Emily BehrendtUniversity of Washington
87Ayelet ParnessHunter College
86Sidney KatzHampshire College
84Harry SamuelsBrown University
83Liora LebowitzOberlin
82Lynne PeskoeHarvard
81Amir BitranHarvard
80Adam S.Harvard
78Burton Steck-----------------
77Hilly HaberHDS
76Krishna DasarathaHarvard
75Danny WilsonHarvard College
74Alyssa KleinHarvard
73Hannah BorowskyHarvard
72Eleanor JanewayHarvard Medical School
71Jean Paulinenone
70Cindy ShambanUniversity of Massachusetts
69Karen Plattnone
68Gabriel BayardHarvard
67Rebekah RosenfeldSwarthmore College
66Marlena SantoyoTemple University
65Claire SternbergNew York University
64Jenna BragerRutgers University
63Alice Diane KischGeorgetown University
62Amanda GoodHarvard
61Lynn PollackNone
60Jim NewmanNorthwester University
59Ben Ewen-CampenHarvard
58Elsa AuerbachUMass Boston
57Elaina MarshalekUniversity of California, Berkeley
56Cecilie SuraskyBrown
55Lev HirschhornBrandeis University
54Alexei FolgerSan Francisco State University
53Joel FinkelCarleton College
52Emily HoffmanWesleyan University
51Danielle SiegelUniversity of California, Berkeley
50Martha Jane KaufmanYale
49David FinkelHarvard
47Rachel BrownSmith College
46Sophia DeVitoBrandeis University
45Rebecca ParkHarvard
44Jonathan SussmanBrandeis University
43Rebecca SubarHarvard
42Brittney LindHarvard
41Amy HelfantRhode Island School of Design
40Emily SchneiderUC Santa Barbara
39Jordan AshUniversity of Minnesota
38Sam WohnsHarvard
37Alyssa GoldsteinBard College
36Carolyn KlaasenUnion Theological Seminary
35Maarit OstrowBrandeis University
34Noam LekachBrandeis University
33Asher BruskinUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
32Beth MillerMacalester College
31Elise GoldinMacalester College
30Rebecca Arian City University of New York School of Law
29Rebecca VilkomersonJVP
28Tali RuskinBoston University
27Alice RothchildHarvard
26Liza BehrendtBrandeis University
25Noah GreenwaldHarvard College
24Abby SchiffHarvard
23Eli WeinsteinHarvard
22Candace GraffHarvard
21AnonymousBrandeis University
20Miles UngerBrandeis
19Aisha DownHarvard
18Sander AshBrandeis University
17Sharon Sandalow Brandeis University
16Rachel UngerWesleyan University
15Elizabeth KornUniversity of Pennsylvania
14Leah Reis-DennisHarvard
13Isabel VogtHarvard University
12Brennan RiegerHarvard
11Neimy EscobarHarvard
10Lexi RossHarvard
9Sasha Johnson-FreydHarvard
8Josh Blecher-CohenHarvard
7Ann FinkelHarvard
6Elena HoffenbergHarvard
5Virginia MarshallHarvard
4Rachel Sandalow-AshHarvard
3Sandra KornHarvard
2Eva RobenHarvard
1Emily UngerHarvard
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