Rachel Sandalow-Ash co-founded Open Hillel in the fall of 2012 and subsequently served as the Internal Coordinator of the Open Hillel student steering committee. After graduating from Harvard College, she worked as a National Organizer for Open Hillel for two years. Rachel is now a second-year student at Harvard Law School, and she hopes to pursue a career as a union lawyer. 

Elana Metz joined the Open Hillel steering committee in 2015 as the Campus Outreach Coordinator. After graduating from the University of Delaware, she served as National Organizer for 2 years. Elana currently works for the San Diego Workforce Partnership as a Peer Job Coach Coordinator.  

Lara Haft is a Jewish educator, activist, and Rabbinical student originally from Rockville, Maryland. They write and teach about queer ritual, sex education, and police/prison abolition from a Jewish perspective. Lara is a first-year Rabbinical student at Hebrew College. They are currently studying in Jerusalem, where they learn Talmud and Arabic by day and organize for demilitarization and open borders by night. Lara’s writings can be found at diaspora6000.com.

Jeremy Nicholson is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont where he spent much of his time advocating for more pluralistic and just spaces within and outside the Jewish community. As a member and board member of Open Hillel, Jeremy strives to these same passions to other campuses and his currently Jewish community in New York City. A native Coloradan, in his free time Jeremy aims to spend time outdoors which now mostly consists of frequent trips to Riverside Park in Manhattan.