About Mosaic United and the #OurJudaismIncludes Campaign


Mosaic United is pouring millions of dollars into Hillels across the United States to impose a singular, exclusionary vision of what it means to be Jewish -- a vision that is anti-feminist, anti-LGBT+, opposed to interfaith partnerships, and leaves no room for questions or conversations on Israel/Palestine.

Open Hillel is uniting students, staff, and Jewish community members in calling for an open, inclusive, and pluralistic Jewish community on campus. Sign our petition here

Mosaic United is a multi-million dollar project led by Naftali Bennett, Israel’s far-right minister of Education and Diaspora Affairs. It will disburse millions in Israeli tax dollars and private funding to Hillel International, Chabad, and Olami in order to (in its founders’ own words) combat, “the weakening of the Jewish foundations of the family unit” and “critical discourse” surrounding Israel. Mosaic’s founders have made clear that their vision of the Jewish family and the Jewish community is singular and exclusionary.

Their vision is:

  • Homophobic: Bennett said in 2015“Judaism doesn’t recognize gay marriage, just as we don’t recognize milk and meat together as kosher, and nothing will change it... ”

  • Misogynistic: Bennett supports Israeli laws that prohibit married women from initiating a divorce, and opposes women playing a role in the Israeli Rabbinate,

  • Racist and Anti-Interfaith: Bennett’s education ministry banned a novel featuring a Jewish-Palestinian romance from Israeli schools out of fears of “miscegenation.”

  • Anti-Conservative/Reform/Non-Orthodox: Bennett’s deputy, Ayelet Shaked, called Reform Judaism “nonsense” and said that under no circumstances would their political party view Reform or Conservative rabbis as legitimate.

  • Anti-Critical Discourse: Bennett advocates for legislation that shames and targets human rights organizations, has banned human rights groups from Israeli schools, and censored books and plays

Hillel's partnership with Mosaic is an affront to Hillel’s values of inclusiveness and pluralism; it is an affront to the LGBT+ community, to women, to non-Orthodox Jews, to interfaith families; and it is an affront to our fundamental value of openness on campus.  Hillel’s partnership with Mosaic will lead to a narrow-minded, closed Jewish community; and it  will push young Jews away from the Jewish community on campus. 

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