Our mission statement

Open Hillel promotes pluralism and open discourse on Israel/Palestine in Jewish communities on campus and beyond. We aim to eliminate Hillel International’s Standards of Partnership for Israel Activities, which exclude individuals and groups from the Jewish community on campus on the basis of their views on Israel. We also work to end similar restrictions on discussion and debate in other broad-based/umbrella Jewish institutions.


Our vision

We are Jewish students and recent graduates, supported in our work by rabbis, professors, and Jewish community members. We are united not by a shared perspective on Israel/Palestine, but by a shared commitment to the Jewish values of open discussion and debate. We envision a future in which people of all views on Israel/Palestine can express themselves freely in Hillel and other Jewish communal spaces; learn from each other; and challenge one another. We believe in a Jewish community that is deeply engaged with the most pressing political and social justice issues of our day, and that welcomes rather than silences divergent perspectives. We are committed to a Jewish community that reaches out across lines of religion, culture, and ethnicity so as to engage with the wider world. 

We envision Jewish institutions that are accountable and responsive to Jewish community members rather than large donors. We believe in Jewish institutions that enable community members to engage with their Jewish identities in whatever ways are meaningful to them. We seek to promote Jewish institutions that honestly reflect the diversity of viewpoints found within the communities that they serve. 

We believe that free discourse, even on difficult subjects, is essential in the context of an educational institution and a democratic society; and that open discussion and debate are core Jewish values. We are proud of our culture's long tradition of encouraging the expression of multiple, and sometimes contradictory, views and arguments. 



Non-discrimination policy:

Open Hillel does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability, sex, gender, pregnancy, marital status, familial or parental status, experiences of sexual harassment or violence, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, military or veteran status, or genetic information. Open Hillel is committed to making its events, programs, membership, and leadership open and accessible to all who share in Open Hillel's mission and values, and we work to ensure equal opportunity for all those seeking involvement in Open Hillel.

If there is an accommodation that would enable you to participate or participate more fully in Open Hillel (including changes to the website and accommodations for our conference calls or in-person events), please contact us.